Cat. n.: AR 007
Anno: 2015

Exciting sampler, featuring no less than 12 different bands, both old and new, all active in the underground scene of Rome, where all kind of serious metal are still kicking their butt! Featuring Heavy Star, Bad Reputation, Lipstick, Heavenue, Graal and many others. You better not miss this one!

Limited edition vinyl 100 copies: obi, sticker, insert, flyer

Side A

  1. Lipstick : Nightwolf
  2. Mindcrime: Life on the run
  3. Sick’n Beautiful : Bigbigbiggun
  4. Shock Proof : Not a stone
  5. Heavy Star : Electric overdrive
  6. Anno Mundi : Pending Trial

Side B

  1. Heavenue : Don’t stop dreamin’
  2. Dr. Speed : Libri
  3. Way Out : I see the world
  4. Graal : Stickin’ Witch you
  5. Bad Reputation : Not so bad
  6. Whisperz : The cage


Line up:
The first compilation album including only metal bands from Rome