Cat. n.: AR 005
Anno: 2015

Prime movers of the glorious and prolific Roman scene, always led by the six string killers Appetito & Ciancaleoni. They’re still around providing an energic blend of classic Heavy Metal, a little in Judas Priest vein. This lp, their 1st, assembles old 80’s demos with freshly recorded versions of classic stuff. Hot!

Side A

  1. heavy metal fighters
  2. resurrection
  3. heroes of the rising sun (kamikaze reprise)
  4. shape the steel

Side B

  1. red baron
  2. angel of death
  3. outlaw power
  4. kamikaze
  5. another countenance
  6. mister fire


Line up:
Mario Ghio, bass
Francesco Ciancaleoni, guitars
Baffo, vocals
Flavio Falsone, vocals
Andrea Strappetti, vocals
Luca Federici, drums
Fabrizio Appetito, guitars