Ace Records Roma

AR 004 BLACK OUT – 33




Cat. n.: AR 004
Anno: 2014

Old fashioned hard rocking act, with a hint of 70’s progressive rock infused for good measure. This is their long awaited full length debut, based on their early eighties sessions, that already produced the desperately scarce ‘Crisi’ seven incher of long ago. The band evolved as ‘Cerchio d’Oro’, well know to serious heavy prog aficionados!

Side A

  1. Il vaso di pandora
  2. Baro
  3. Bukowski
  4. Hey signore

Side B

  1. Crisi
  2. Numero uno
  3. Quattro passi per il centro
  4. Buon vecchio rock’n’roll
  5. Black out
  6. Come un giocattolo di legno


Line up:
Tino Dragoni, guitars
Riccardo Giudice, bass
Giorgio Pagnacco, keyboards
Ezio Secomandi, drums
Valerio Piccioli, guitars
Piuccio Pradal, vocals
Giuseppe Terribile, bass & vocals
Gino Terribile, drums & vocals
Corrado Andolina, guitars